Hunter’s Night EP Review by Brent Morrison

“The self-titled debut by Vancouver Indie duo Hunter’s Night is a sonic tapestry of Greg Withers’ crunchy, scratchy, fuzz guitar work, and Ali Parassidis’ powerful, soaring, melodic vocals.

The EP features five original songs (as well as 2 sensational acoustic demos) with Withers also providing drums and bass duties – although it is his guitar playing that truly stand out – while Parassidis handles all the vocals. The first four songs are full out rockers, while Oh Lady ends the EP on a beautiful acoustic note, Withers playing a mellow, laid back guitar while Parassidis again demonstrates the soul and power of her beautifully melodic voice.

A mélange of genres (punk, metal, blues, rock’n’roll) , the Hunter’s Night debut improves with each listening, and succeeds in the most important aspect of any debut – leaving listeners wanting more!”

Brent Morrison

The Rockin’ Blues Show :

It’s an interesting time! Only a few months have passed since our debut EP was released, and it feels like a lifetime. We’re working tirelessly on a new sound: Ali is now playing electric guitar, and Greg is embracing a gross sounding multi-octave organ-esque guitar tone. We have also recently been strongly influenced by the creativity of our friends Mohsin Siddiqui and Siobhan Sagessa, playing drums and keyboard, respectfully. The result we’re achieving now feel to us to be a more naturally organic flow, and tone. Amidst a flurry of exciting new demos ( we were extremely pleased to have been reviewed by local blues junkie. No, blues connoisseur! Brent Morrison – thank you sir!



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